Idle chatter of a transcendental kind

  1. Using a Yubikey inside a VirtualBox VM

    An introductory guide

  2. Talking about local news for fun and profit

    A report, and a challenge

  3. Rust CI using Jenkins

    An introductory guide

  4. HTTPS Everywhere! Now including here

    This website now redirects HTTP → HTTPS

  5. Start menu oddity

    Anticompetitive recommendation by Windows

  6. 'Integrity in sport' v.s. human rights - I thought the choice was clear

    Our failure to take the initiative on trans sportspeoples' rights

  7. "I want the triumph! I want love!"

    Thoughts about the ROH's recent production of _Turandot_

  8. A Vindication of the Importance of Context

    Woolstonecraft's work belatedly read

  9. Enfield: appalling poverty

  10. Benefit cap impact

    New data shows Enfield is amongst the hardest hit